Shell Malaysia LiveWIRE conducts three workshops to select the best five entrepreneurs to support:

  • Bright Ideas Workshop – Introductory workshop to challenge participants to refine their business ideas.
  • Become A Successful Owner-Manager (BSOM) Workshop – Workshop to teach and empower the top 30 entrepreneurs in each state to become a business owner-manager.
  • LiveWIRE Pitching Workshop – Top ten entrepreneurs from the BSOM Workshop are required to attend a pitching workshop in preparation for the Pitching Competition.

LiveWIRE Pitching Competition

Following the completion of the BSOM Workshop, participants will be invited to submit their business plans. All business plans received will be assessed by the Shell Malaysia LiveWIRE team, who will select the entrepreneurs with the top ten business plans.

These entrepreneurs will be invited to participate in the LiveWIRE Pitching Workshop to qualify for the LiveWIRE Pitching Competition.

At the LiveWIRE Pitching Competition, ten entrepreneurs in each state will present their businesses to a panel of independent judges, which consists of a mix of Shell staff and external industry leaders.

Each year, this judging panel will determine the five entrepreneurs per state, who will walk away with the RM10,000.00 grant and the Business Incubation program for the next three years.

Shell LiveWIRE Business Incubation

The successful applicants will be incubated by the Shell Malaysia LiveWIRE team and their business incubation partners, for a period of up to three years from the entrepreneur’s Bright Ideas workshop. The LiveWIRE winners will continue to enjoy ‘Business Start-Up Support’ and ‘Post Start-Up Support’ workshops and specific masterclasses to help the entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses’ growth.

Post-Startup Support

As a LiveWIRE winner, you will continue to receive the benefits of having dedicated facilitators to support your business’s growing needs. Be it in securing additional funding, exploring new markets, or even promotional activities, there will be opportunities for LiveWIRE masterclasses even after the workshops have concluded.

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